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Hi everyone.

I'm new to the site and hoping for some guidance on codecs for transfering my CD collection.

I was intending to use MAX for Mac OSX to encode in the FLAC format, but saw that it can also rip in the newer Ogg FLAC format (.oga). Am I right in thinking using this will future proof my archiving to a greater extent, or should I stick to native FLAC?

The website suggests that the Ogg container is much more powerful. Whilst I'm only intending this for playback and backup purposes for now, I may want more flexibility for editing in future.

Any thoughts?



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Which should I use, (native) FLAC or Ogg FLAC?

The short answer right now is probably "native FLAC". If all you are doing is compressing audio to be played back later, native FLAC will do everything you need, is more widely supported, and will yield smaller files. If you plan to edit the compressed audio, or want to multiplex the audio with video later in an Ogg container, Ogg FLAC is a better choice.

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