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Topic: mpc plug in for quick time's I Tunes? (Read 8660 times) previous topic - next topic
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mpc plug in for quick time's I Tunes?

Hi everybody, I've been away from audi topics and this forum for quite a while and have no idea about the latest developments. I tried to search the forum for some info on I Tunes and musepack but all I found were old and probably outdated threads.
If no mpc plug in for Quick Time or I Tunes is available what alternative player can be used to play my mixed format and mpc music collection on a Mac?
Thanx for your help in advance.

mpc plug in for quick time's I Tunes?

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Erh,......152 viewers of this post and not a single new post in this section for over a week? I've been away for years and I mught miss, but hey I wasn't asking:"WHERE IS MY FRIEND CHARLES MANSON??" Iwas asking a question about THE forums choice of format, least in those days I visited the forum.
Seems that MPC has passed away. I will try to read more topics. Thanx for your patience,....hmmm.


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