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Native WavPack support in Android
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Wow...up to 105 stars...thanks everyone! 

I was interested in that FLAKE project which was a more efficient encoder, and then someone made a faster CUDA encoder (uses GPU for processing) called FLACUDA. I wonder if something like that would happen for WavPack?
Probably not anytime soon (unless someone is working on this without my knowledge). I have some ideas for speeding up decoding on the PC and using multiple cores for encoding, but neither of these is super high priority for me now as I'm working on improved functionality (and WavPack is already one of the faster encoders).

Anyway, I'm glad WavPack is working out for you and thanks for the comments! 

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Native WavPack support in Android
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One more star, Bryant :-)
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Native WavPack support in Android
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Does that mean WV support on Android (2.1 or higher) could be just around the corner?
WavPack 5.1.0 -b384hx6cmv / qaac 2.64 -V 100

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Native WavPack support in Android
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Another star. Great news, Bryant.