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Help With Auto Converting Tracks

Hi. I don't know how to search for this specific query so I'll post it here.

I want foobar2000 to automatically encode my music into MP3 when I drag and drop the music into a different playlist. What I mean by different playlist is, that I have a tab open and I've named it iPod, now what I want it to do is that whenever I drag and drop my FLAC files into this iPod playlist, it automatically converts the added tracks to MP3.

If this is possible, could someone please explain in lay terms how to go about doing this?

Thank You, for all your responses in advance and for taking the time to read this even if you don't respond.


Help With Auto Converting Tracks

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AFAIK you can only automate "task" for new files added to library
So with additional component (foo_new_file_stamper_mod) you can bind "run command for converting" to be run automatically when you add files to library, and I don't think this will help you but only to be sure that it can't be done without writing component yourself

Although I like your idea about existence of some playlists which will act on newly added items in it with specified foobar commands

[edit] on the second thought maybe you are looking for this:

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