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Re: foo_random_pools

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Hi all, people!
I'm a longtime f2k user, and been using RP almost from the very beginning of it. (A must-have component, let me say).
Well, technologies have grown way too long and now I see myself forced to jump into the Android version of f2k and (obviously) I would like my RP there too. :D
Do you know if it's fully implemented. If not, will it be?

Thx in advance!

Re: foo_random_pools

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Do you know if it's fully implemented.
No and there is currently no public SDK, which would make it possible. But even it will be possible in the future,
If not, will it be?
most likely not. At least not from me, but, of course, it would still be possible, that someone else would create a similar plugin for Android.

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