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Re: External Tags

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The option affects the behavior of "Create external tags" command. That command immediately writes external tags for selected tracks and by default opens the properties dialog showing the selected tracks and their tags. Unticking the new option disables the automatic properties dialog opening.

Note that you don't need to use the "Edit external tags" dialog for your situation if the decoder priorities are set correctly. If any External Tags decoder has higher priority than the format you are dealing with the component will notice the existing external tag and will behave just like you had used the custom menu command.


Re: External Tags

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Thank you Case; it looks I fully misunderstood indeed. I wasn't even aware of the Create External Tags option before, but I'm now using it assigned to a custom button and it certainly works better for my purposes without the Properties dialogue opening each time.

I also didn't realise your second point, that internal tags couldn't be touched once external tags had been generated - also great news, So, double thank you. Both of these new bits of info together have hugely streamlined tag migration for me.

I also have a little protip of my own, which may have been mentioned already, but in case it hasn't:
Go to File->Preferences->Display->Default User Interface->Playlist View and create a Custom Column for "Tag Type" using the pattern %__tagtype%. This column makes it very easy to see at a glance within foobar2000 which of your files have external tags present (e.g. "External APEv2") and which do not, so you should never have doubts about what tag you're editing. Far more convenient than opening containing folders to check for the presence of tag files.

I very very very like this component, thank you for developing it.

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