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A component for calculating the BPMs (beats per minute) of any tracks in foobar2000. See the discussion thread here.

foobar2000 v1.0 is required for foo_bpm v0.2.3 and above.

Current version (

Older versions:
[attachment=5625:foo_bpm_0.2.4.7z][attachment=5701:foo_bpm_...4_static.7z](Statically linked against VS2008 Runtime)
(Compatible with pre-1.0 foobar2000)
Changelist:  (20/04/2010)
- A few more bug fixes
- Context menu option to double/halve BPMs of selected tracks

0.2.4  (12/01/2010)
- Crash report fix (component about info)

0.2.3  (11/01/2010)
- Updated to foobar2000 1.0 SDK
- Added double/halve buttons to results dialog
- Added option to auto write tags after analysis
- Limit preference range inputs
- Crash report fix (using info not yet cached)

0.2.2  (07/01/2010)
- Crash report fix
- Candidate bpm selection can be either mode, mean or median. Default is now mode, and is selectable from preferences
- Console debug output option added to preferences

0.2.1  (02/01/2010)
- Numerous bug fixes (some preferences not being saved, component being declared twice, bpm precision unused when writing auto calculated bpm)

0.2.0  (31/12/2009)
- Added confirmation when rescanning already tagged files
- Added ReplayGain style results dialog
- Added preferences page containing general config (including destination BPM tag) and algorithm parameters
- Added manual bpm calculation window
- Default BPM precision changed to the nearest BPM (was to the nearest 1 decimal place)

0.1.1  (24/12/2009)
- Refactored source code (resulting in an approximate 40% processing time decrease)
- Released source code (requires FFTW library to compile, along with the foobar2000 SDK)

0.1.0  (21/12/2009)
- Initial release


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this is a really awesome component. i only discovered it now though - is it still in development?


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This is what I need
but I'd like to make a request.

I have .M4a AAC in my iTunes, and iTunes Don't use BPM, it use TEMPO.
can you tag TEMPO for M4A files too?


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@beterhans - you can try tag it with BPM and then move all BPM values to TEMPO tag using foobar

Question - is there a light that this plugin will back into development? It crashes way to often... And it doesn't use multithreading which causes that it works so slow...


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Excuse me if this has been asked before, but:
Could the BPM results be saved in a database file, instead of song file(s)? Like in waveform seekbar plugin.
That would be awesome and I could start using this plugin

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