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Can't play my FLAC files

So, I'm taking advice from many on this forum and have decided to convert my wav files to FLAC. I downloaded DBpoweramp converter and have sucessfully done a test conversion.

I also downloaded DBpoweramp audio player AND installed the flac plugin from this page:

BUT my newly-created flac files won't play. my windows xp computer says "windows cannot open this file."

any idea what i'm doing wrong?

secondly, my wav files contain no tags at all. but, i do have mp3 versions of all these songs, which ARE properly tagged.

what is the best way to tag my new flac files?  i'm hoping there's a way to do this without manually re-typing every bit of info.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Can't play my FLAC files

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any idea what i'm doing wrong?

No idea, dAP doesn't play FLACs for me, either.
Get Foobar2000, it will also fulfill your tagging needs.

Can't play my FLAC files

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I wonder which media player you are using to play your flac files. What I want to underscore is if we do not know which media player you are using, we can not be of any help. I mean I tunes and wmp do not play flac. Yo have to use something like foobar, media monkey or songbird.
For the tagging stuff you can rely on foobar, or download mp3tag. The last one has the option of look for the cd info in freedb amazon and other databases.

Can't play my FLAC files

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"windows cannot open this file."

Trying to run the file(s) from Windows Explorer? Sounds like the .flac file type is not properly associated/registered to your player (DBpoweramp audio player?).

If it's Windows which shows you the "windows cannot open this file" dialog, you can select "Select the program from a list" and in the next step (after choosing the player) check the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox. OR associate file types from DBpoweramp audio player.


Can't play my FLAC files

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Did you realize that dbpamp player needs to be tweaked in order to play Flac? Check the bottom of this page

For what I understand, as a non native English speaking person, is that this player supports cda mp3 and wav basically. In order to play other file types  (like Flac) you have to download and configure their associated codecs.

I Think you can migrate and use something like foobar, media monkey or songbird (this one even play flacs in mac), why stick to dbpoweramp player?

Can't play my FLAC files

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Check out this thread over at the dbpoweramp forums.

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