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Woodstock Tapes / Power Statio label - legal?

Ok, from time to time I've searched for a legal "Guns N' Roses - Live at the Ritz '88" music DVD (originally aired by MTV).. IMO possibly the best live performance ever recorded. Up until now, I've found only very obvious bootlegs.

Then this came up: Guns 'n' Roses - In New York. Looks like a proper release. But further study reveals doubts. It's supposed to be released through "Power Statio" label.. or "Woodstock tapes" label as stated in other sources. Can't find any proper information of both of these labels. Discogs has some listed but no information about the label. Rate Your Music has too some listed but again, no proper info about the label.

Then looking at the label catalogy (e.g. here and here), one notices that there's very big artists, in example, Aerosmith, Dylan, Bon Jovi, Clapton, etc. I checked couple of those artists (Guns N' Roses, Jamiroquai & Jimi Hendrix), none of the label releases are found in proper discographies of those artists checked from different sites. Obvious bootlegs..?

Ok, nothing very alarming yet, there has always been bootlegs and will be. BUT, why is "Woodstock Tapes / Power Statio" label releases appearing in respectable & legal shops? (CDON, Record Shop X / Levykauppa Äx, iMusic, Amazon, HMV Hong Kong).. and why is the label catalog so large with evidently nobody interested to investigate and stop it selling bootlegs?

Any thoughts?

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