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Re: DSDIFF Decoder

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SACDs can go about 4dB higher than PCM by spec.  6dB if the spec is violated.  To convert to PCM you'll need to lower the level by some number from about 0dB (for quietly recorded material) to about 4dB (for "normal" level material) to 6dB for the few albums that really push it (e.g. Michael Jackson's "Thriller")

Re: DSDIFF Decoder

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you'll need to lower the level

Are u sure I'll need to lower?
But yes, with DSDIFF plugin I need to use prevent clipping according to track peak foobar option.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that SACD decoder( foobar plugin) plays sacd iso's quite well, while DSDIFF decoder does the same task with clipping (not in all cases), but  for example - Playing The Angel by DM SACD.
You can see it at the screens I've sent in earlier posts.
Thank you for explanations btw.

Re: DSDIFF Decoder

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Throw mine away, then, it's clearly producing too loud a result. And I'm not going to bother swiping it from them again to fix it.

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