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oggenc Linux binary --advanced-encode-option issue


I downloaded the latest Linux aotuv oggenc binary from and tried using the 'advanced-encode-option impulse_noisetune' setting but it doesn't seem to work on my machine.  When issued from the command line, it echo's back a message that it is using the switch, however, the resulting file doesn't change regardless of the setting.  In other words setting this value to '0' or to '-15' doesn't affect the resulting *.ogg file.  I tested this switch on Oggdrop on Windows and the file size gets bigger and the number of frames increases with respect to setting this smaller and smaller as expected.

Has anyone else noticed this?


oggenc Linux binary --advanced-encode-option issue

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Do you use Ubuntu 12.04/Debian amd64? If so I've got a deb I compiled that works. Regards.

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