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Foo_mod Problem

Using either 0.65 or 0.666 or foo_mod I have found that when playing the mod demonic sensation found here    Foobar's sound outout goes dull 14 seconds through the mod.
If you seek after this happens the output becomes clear again.
I can give more detailed information about my config and hardware/software if this cannot be duplicated.


Foo_mod Problem

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Report the problem to BASS.dll author Ian Luck. The "problem" appears to be more like a "feature."

The module contains an effect, E00, at the start of pattern 5. According to the Fast Tracker 2.08 manual:

3.15.1 Filter on / off

Syntax: E + 0 + 1 to make your .MOD file sound terrible on an Amiga.

This effect is not implemented in FT2 due to the fact that it's totally useless.

I have no idea if E01 is supposed to mean Filter off, because changing it to E01 has no effect, but leaving it as E00 causes the filtering. Again, ask Ian. See

EDIT: If you want it to ignore that filter effect by default, set MOD playback to FT2 style.

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