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The shuffle function isn't doing a single thing
I've tried turning it on and off again, but still no luck, jut plays the next song in the playlist

Plus it did thisa for 25 songs in a row, so I don't think it was just a fluke


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Do you mean that pressing "next" button/command plays next song in playlist instead of random one? That's intended behaviour (things changed in some version ) - use Playback/Random instead.

Shuffle works if you wait for the current track's end - then next one will be picked randomly.


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Ohhhh, that's a bit odd, but hey
Frankly I think a better solution is to have play restart the song, and next/prev buttons switch songs (or shuffle, if it's enabled)



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"Random" exists for this. You can define your Random key in Keyboard Shortcuts. Random play will work with shuffle and without it. So when you have shuffle on and can't wait till the song is over and want to move to another a random song you use Random key, next/prev is exactly for what it says, next song on playlist and previous song on playlist.

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