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Topic: Encountering problem when using EAC and LAME to rip CD (Read 1465 times) previous topic - next topic
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Encountering problem when using EAC and LAME to rip CD

Hi all,
        i'm encountering a problem when using EAC and LAME to rip my CDs. The LAME version i'm using is 3.98.2, and i got it from rarewares. As i'm a noobie, i followed setup guides' recomendations for all my EAC settings. The materials i referred to are from the hydrogenaudio wiki, link

        When ripping my CDs, after each song is copied, this error message will pop up.


The external compressor returned an error!

Options : -V2 "0tmp1!542.wav" "0tmp1!542.mp3"

File : C:\Program Files\Exact Audio Copy\Aerosmith\The Very Best Of\01. Dude (Looks Like A Lady).wav

        i don't have the slightest of idea what this means, so i just clicked ok to it and all the subsequent warning messages after each song. After the entire extraction process, the status report will say the copy was ok and there're no errors. But when i go to the EAC folder in my Program Files, not a single track can be found!!!

        i don't know why the EAC isn't working properly and am very frustrated already. Will some pro member in this forum please lend a helping hand. Thanks.


Encountering problem when using EAC and LAME to rip CD

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In 'Compression Settings' make sure you set the Parameter passing scheme to 'User Defined Encode' and for Program path point to where you unzipped Lame.exe
In Additional command line options,  type this, -V2 %s %d, and try again..

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