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Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.


I'm looking a bookmark plugin. It differs somewhat from the playlist.

For example, I have 100 albums, and only about 15 favorites. I'd like a bookmark "favorites musikalbums #1" and in there the 15 favorite songs from across 100 albums.

Is there something like that?

Here's a picture what I mean:

Thanks in advance!

Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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This can be easily accomplished by using custom tags and auto-playlists. Unfortunatly i cannot see the picture which is supposed to show what you mean.
For example you could use ratings and rate your favourites 5 stars and then make a auto-playlist for that.

Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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Just put a for example: %bookmark% = 1 tag in your tags (of the corresponding files) and fire up an autoplaylists which queries if there's the %bookmark% tag present...

If you use the quicktagger component you can bind "the bookmarking" to a keyboard shortcut.

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Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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Whoaa, slow down. I'm not an expert in foobar, in fact, I'm a total noob concerning it. I just use it to play b ack songs, no fancy stuff.

But now I want this, because using playlist and sort by order structure is getting annoying as hell .


Ok, I got it working with rating and columns, I can see the stars I give to each song...

Now how do I create a playlist out of "if song == 5 stars { create playlist, add song to playlist}"

Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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Go to album list, type rating IS 5 in the filter. Then rightclick the all music-node (the topnode) and choose create autoplaylist. There you go!

Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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Doesn't do anything for me. But it got me thinking. [edit: Duh, it was %Rating% IS 5 not Rating IS 5, stupid me...]

Callisto's solution is better for me. Because I change my extern hdd where the albums are.

So I'd like to somehow PERMANENTLY add the tag %bookmark% = 1 to any song I choose. Then whenever I choose to I'd like to create a playlist out of:

if song is bookmarked { add song to playlist }

But I have no idea how to do that.

Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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For Callistro's solution you should get foo_quicktag. In in foobars preferences>tools>taggin>quick tagger click "add new".
Field name: bookmark
Value: 1

You can access your newly created quick tagger script from the context menu, or alternatively you can create a keyboard shortcut for it.
To create the auto-playlist type bookmark IS 1 in the media library search. Click the little "..." button and create the auto playlist.
Then, anytime you add the bookmark tag to a song it will automatically get added to this playlist.


Looking for a "bookmark" plugin.

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cheers! awesome! thanks!

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