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dBpoweramp cue sheet with gaps from EAC

I want to rip with dBpoweramp to one-track-per-file FLACs, but include cue sheets with correct gap information in them.

If I understand it correctly, the new-ish support for cue sheets in dBpowermap doesn't support gaps.

There's a suggestion to use EAC to generate the cue sheet...

...I must be being stupid, because I can't for the life of me figure out what that author was doing with two mouse clicks to get the track names from dBpoweramp in EAC.

Is anyone doing this? Can they give an (even more) basic guide, or simple hints.


dBpoweramp cue sheet with gaps from EAC

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No one?

Or maybe even a way of automatically getting the correct gap information from the EAC cue sheet, and dropping it into the cue sheet that can currently be generated by dBpoweramp (though I'm ripping track-based, so maybe not an option?)


dBpoweramp cue sheet with gaps from EAC

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I'm not sure if I understand the problem correctly.
It seems to me You want EAC (file-per-track, gaps-appended) cue for (gaps-appended) files ripped by dbpoweramp.
Unless the files are not identical to the ones EAC would rip (they should be, right?), I can see no other problem than a possible filename mismatch.

If that is the problem, I would just edit filenames in EAC cuesheet manually.
Take a look at cuetools, it does filename fixing automatically and can convert cues between gap/file settings, among other things.
Having same naming scheme in both rippers should avoid the problem.

dBpoweramp cue sheet with gaps from EAC

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I'll try cuetools.

The filenames won't always be the same, because dBpoweramp pulls metadata from several sources and clears up inconsistencies (errors), while EAC just uses whatever freedb gives it. But they should usually be close enough.


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