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An ABX test for Internet users made by Digidesign

Why did we do it.

Some people prefer the sound when you mix digital audio through an analog console. Some people prefer the sound when all mixing and processing are done in Pro Tools® with no analog gear whatsoever. So, we did an experiment to see how closely we could match some mixes done on a large-format analog console using Pro Tools and modeled console channel strip plug-ins, and have posted the resulting audio files for you to hear.;itemid=25669

I don't know it this test is biased or not, but I thought I'd share it with you (didn't show up in here after a search).
I don't post much here, but I like the informations we can find here!



An ABX test for Internet users made by Digidesign

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Hey, interesting link.

I'll post this on the SH forums as well, where there has been a lot of ProTools bashing.

An ABX test for Internet users made by Digidesign

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I got 6/7 right answers in their Smooth Jazz Looped Challenge. Not enough to be significant, so I recorded the Quicktime playback, cut the 2nd section and ABXed it.

An RMS measurment showed a 0.27 dB difference in volume. I corrected this and easily made 16/16.

I then performed a Replaygain analysis, and RG told me that my RMS-matched samples were in fact 0.35 dB apart !
I did the recording again, equalized the volumes according to replaygain (-0.08 dB correction, this time), and the ABX was much harder. I finally got 15/16.

Jazz2A is the ProTools version, and Jazz2B the SSA 4000 version. They were recorded through Quicktime, 44.1 kHz 16 bits forced playback (Quicktime doesn't allow to respect the original format), WDM drivers in Windows XP (16 resolution not respected, the LSB is messed up), then recorded bit exact through S/Pdif loopback. Jazz2B was then normalized in 16 bits processing.

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