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Controls not working

i just downloaded foobar.. and i saw that in DSP, volume control was active? wht does it do? i dont see any volume control bar in main window?

secondly i tried changing the reverb and xbass options but nothing happened.. should i get the extra plugins available on site to get them to work?

3rd.. there was a post abt a new UI of foobar.. can somebody mirror tht.. cuz tht server seems to be dead.

last.. in shortcuts, at the bottom the KEY and GLOBAL SHORTCUT checkbox... wht are they for? i thout it was for acctivating foobar window .. so that ZXCV keys can work normally. but that global key never gets saved.

Controls not working

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1:  while in main window hit + or - to control volume.  Or double click the volume area on the bar for a volume slider.

2:  You have to enable reverb and simple bass in DSP Manager before the controls will work.

3: The other UI is a hack, and is not supported by the fb2k developer, and is generally frowned upon.

4: if you check global a function in bottom area of the screen, click in the key text a key combination and then click the "add" button.  It will you allow you to perform that function while fb does not have focus.


Controls not working

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