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1:10 Lossless Audio Compression

I was just going through the help files and faq's of Monkey's Audio and I got a shock when the author stated that he has found the way to compress audio losslessly with 1:10 compression ratio and eventually he tried or gave effort to patent it but what he found was that the patent of this Lossless Audio Compression has already been registered. So I googled it and I found the same thing that there is a patent for 1:10 Lossless audio Compression, but no format with this compression ration has been ever known, so is it still in it's development stages or there is any other reason for not releasing this format like Storm in the Music Piracy Industry... :^)

Does anyone know anything about it..? 


1:10 Lossless Audio Compression

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What's all this crazy talk about PolkaMonkey?  10:1 lossless compression of Polka...sign me up!

After developing this amazing technology, obviously I immediately filed for a patent....after an extensive patent search, low and behold, it turns out that Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft owns an obscure patent to this exact technology...darn it, and I was SO EXCITED!

"It's a joke."

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