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Wack, the next generation of Flacattack

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Hi Ponchorage.

I would like to use Wack by having EAC call it to code up a bunch of wav images and cuesheets and ripping logfiles first into .flac (with embedded cuesheets containing the UPC and ISRC's and also adding the ripping log file in as metadata), and then split up the .wav images, and then encoding those individual tracks to .mp3 then deleting the .wav images and individual tracks. (Hard disk space isn't really an issue for short term things like this.)

I think this can be done with Wack, except for the things I wanted to do with the cuesheets (keeping the ISRC codes in them and stuff). Also, I'm not the best guy when it comes to command line software. But is there a workaround to get those extra tidbits of information stored in the .flac files?

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Sorry, there is no way to currently get the UPC and ISRCs with Wack.

Wack, the next generation of Flacattack

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What version of EAC does everyone use with Wack?  I just installed Wack and, unfortunately, updated EAC at the same time (to V0.95b4). 

After stuggling to get it to work I found out about an issue with the current EAC version that causes problems when setting up external compression programs using a non-3 letter extension (like .wack).

Check out the thread on the EAC forum here


Wack, the next generation of Flacattack

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I use 0.95 beta3 cause got a same error with latest EAC.


Wack, the next generation of Flacattack

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Hi everybody, i'm using WACK to backup some of my oldest CD's in Monkey's Audio and MP3, but i'm having trouble with VARIOUS ARTISTS CD's; tag values and file names get wrong artist, instead of tagging each song's band, it picks an artist among them and uses it for all songs, in file names, ID3v2 tags and APE tags; i read in some of the first posts that the author of wack was working on it, so i'd like to know if it's been solved or if I must retag all of them.

thanks a lot

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