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Bis Records

So, Arny raved a while ago about a recent Beethoven symphony record on Bis and its obscene dynamic range. This intrigued me quite a bit, so I dug up some more information on Bis, and found this interview with its founder whereupon it is implied that some of its records have been directly implicated in physical damage to hifi systems. (The founder also expressed displeasure at not being able to release excellent-sounding 16-bit recordings because of irrational high-res worship in the audiophile marketplace. Nice.) And all thoughts of that being idle bluster were vaporized when I found some speculation on (a notorious fount of woo) that certain Bis records were too dynamic.

So I bought their recording of Jon Leifs's Symphony No. 1 on iTunes - the discs themselves cost ~$20, and the lossy downloads are all ~$10, and I'm cheaping out right now and grabbing the AACs. And yeah - for lack of a better comment, this record brings on the thunk. And the music and performance are great too.

I think I'm in luuuuuuuuve. And I think my days of buying bargain-price, relatively poorly mastered classical may be coming to a close.

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