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Cheers - happy to contribute to the foobar experiance

i've downloaded v0.2.6 but in the components panel of foobar's preferences, it says v 0.2.5

D'oh! I keep forgetting to change that number. Good spot! Not able to fix it right now - but a new version will be ready soon so it'll sorta fix itself


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Any pics of the keyboards with this plugin in action? I don't own any of these keyboards so I'm curious to see what it looks like


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Any pics of the keyboards with this plugin in action?

Added pics to the first post - note that they are from the emulator (so are running on my monitor) and not from the LCD itself, the result is they look a little different from the actual LCD itself. Also some of the screens really don't capture well (need movement).

If anyone has time/ability/inclination to get proper pics/movies from the LCDs themselves then I'll happily host and upload them (and add them to the first post).

Additionally, a new version is available - primarily a new text handling system, but a bunch of other changes as well.


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Thanks Ectotropic for all your hard work on this great component, but i have an issue that i need your help with. Whenever i try to close "Preferences" window after editing some settings in visualisations options (change font, color, etc) foobar crashes instantly with following error in crash report:
Code: [Select]
foo_logitech_lcd.dll [Error] (.\LCDWrapper.cpp, NLCD::CConnection::SetForegroundMode, 373): Setting foreground mode operation could not be completed

Any idea what could be wrong?

Specs: G19 with latest drivers, foo_logitech_lcd 3.0, foobar2K and WinXP SP3.


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New release == new bugs! Yay!

Were you using a previous version of the component before? If not can you try one? If so I assume it worked fine? (Note that if you do go back to a previous version the component will complain about unrecognised config version - you can safely ignore that error.)

Do you have the "Force Foreground" option set? If so removing that may help.

Anyway, I'll try to get the problem to happen here and see if I can fix it - I'll let ya know when I find it.


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Previous versions worked fine, no problems whatsoever. "Force Foreground" is disabled.


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Heh - it was a long shot

Hmmm - didn't really think I'd changed that much in the preferences. Ah well - I've managed to get it to crash here so I'm looking into why right now. Hopefully will have a fix soon.


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Ok - think I've fixed it - looks like some of the 3rd party code I was using was responsible.

GSV (or anyone experiencing this issue) can you try this version: (Removed - proper version now available) and let me know if that fixes it.


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Ectotropic you are genuis. The 0.3.1 beta works excellent, i tried to reproduce the error i had before and foobar doesn't crashes anymore  Big thanks!


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Excellent - good to hear!

"Stupid other peoples code"™

v0.3.1 proper now available.

Hope you don't have any more problems!


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ectotropic very nice plugin , i got the G19 works good on Vista 32 Bit Perfect no problem . THANK YOU...


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never mind, works now.


Also, OP, if you think you could do the mediadisplay (Track/Artist/Time thing) for Spotify, send me a PM and I will get you an invite.

The current spotify g15 app only shows song and artist, not time remaining etc ;<


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FYI, 0.3.1 works great here.  thanks!
running windows 7 x64 rc, setpoint 5.10.203 (installed using vista x64 compatibility), foobar and the logitech g15.


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Great job, ectotropic! Thanks a lot!

Used with:
- Windows 7 RC1
- newest fb2k
- Logitech G15

I thought for a while what else i'd like to see in the plugin but i couldn't think of anything!
I'll let you know when something comes to mind 

Are you thinking about releasing the source? I sure would like to take a look under the hood 
No problem if not, i'm aware this took a lot of free time, and i respect either decision.


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Thanks everyone for the support - much appreciated!

Sorry for my lack of responses/updates - been busy with other things recently (I do keep an eye on this thread though).

Can you support the Logitech diNovo mediapad LCD?

could do the mediadisplay ... for Spotify?

At present the answer to both is no. Sorry. I spent some time trying to find out if these would be possible, but currently neither has a public Windows API - all existing plugins seem to use reverse engineering/hacking to accomplish the task, neither of which I am willing to do (apart from anything else it is a grey area, legally speaking). If a suitable API is forthcoming I will certainly support them both.

Are you thinking about releasing the source?

I am planning to - I just need to make the code a little nicer first  Currently any time I am spending on it is spent adding features/bug fixing, which I figure is more important. However, if a lot of people would like the source code released, then I will give it higher priority.

As a bit of a teaser  the next version will include some new visualisations, and a better spectrum implementation - sadly I can't say when it might be done though.


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Ok, very nice 
3 other people i know now use your plugin too and they are also very happy about it.

By the way, I found a little usability problem in the trackinfo section (Preferences -> Logitech LCD -> Visualisation Options -> Vis Mode 4 -> Track Info 1):
When i want to delete the info in the third line textbox, I had to try a few times, because the return key also closes the preferences window, but does not save the changes.
I clicked some other items in the particular window and that did the trick to properly save my new settings.

Maybe a little save button (although i must admit there isn't much space left ), or a 'save on return-key' feature should fix this


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3 other people i know now use your plugin too and they are also very happy about it.

Good to know - the more the merrier!

Maybe a little save button...or a 'save on return-key' feature

Noted. Will add to list of things to do.

For the time being the easiest way to save settings is select a different visualisation from the tree.


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weel done, but we'd like to see also font settings for Progress bar & time font .... on G15 default font looks like something bitten twice 


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font settings for Progress bar & time font

I'll have a look at adding font selection for the time - as it stands it should use Arial, or (if that is not available) the default UI font (whatever that is on your system). If you do not have the Arial font installed then that might help in the mean time - unfortunately it's a little more complicated to change the timing font than the other fonts (not to mention I'm running out of room on the config pages...again ).

...on G15 default font looks like something bitten twice

Um, not sure what you mean here. Does it not look like the pictures on the first post? It certainly looks like that on my G15 here. If it does look like that then I'm really not sure I understand the problem - sorry. (It could just be a bug you see.)


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Um, not sure what you mean here. Does it not look like the pictures on the first post?

No, it doesn't, only as described in Situation 1 it looks like on screen 

Windows Vista x32, Foobar

Situation 1:
Left Time: Off, Right Time: Off
Restarting Foobar, setting to
Left Time: Played, Right Time: Remain
the fonts looks good and nice in progress.

Situation 2:
Left Time: Played, Right Time: Remain
Restarting Foobar
the fonts are scrambled and looks ugly

will attach photos if required...

P.S. Arial font set in settings...


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Ok - that's a bug!

I'm guessing that something isn't saving properly - though not quite sure what

I'll see if I can figure it out (and if I can get it to happen on my G15).


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I'll see if I can figure it out (and if I can get it to happen on my G15).

if you'll need any help - just post a message... applet is wonderfull 
also can check it for resource usage and memory leaks 

by the way, i mentioned that this situation is sometimes true, sometimes false, don't know what it depends on...


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Hi. Brilliant plugin and great work. Been using since 2.5, cant believe ive missed 2 updates
Anyway, any chance you could implement these feature's:
  • To have the g15 M keys (M1/M2/M3/MR) as a vu meter as well as the 3 stages of the keyboard backlight (off/on-dull/on-bright).
  • To be able to modify the levels at which keys light up.

Ive seen this before in plugins for winamp like wvs and ray's plugin. It was one of the only things that kept me stuck to winamp/mediamonkey for so long and i kinda miss it
Here is a link to how it used to work on wvs :

If this has been requested before i apologise, i had a look but couldnt see it requested before

Regards, Anomaly.


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It really must be me but I try to get the album art displayed in the background yet it doesn't happen

I have the following string F:\MP3\Artists\%artist%\%album%\Folder.jpg for some reason is doesn't work nor does $replace(%path%,%filename_ext%,)folder.jpg

Maybe a weird idea but is it somehow possible to grab the info from foo_covers because for some reason it does work there or i'm not following a thing here.


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[quote author=IRoN link=msg=0 date=]if you'll need any help - just post a message[/quote]
I'll probably send a beta build your way once I think I have a fix - if that's ok. Course there will be bit of a delay while I find out what is going on!

[quote author=Anomaly link=msg=0 date=]
  • To have the g15 M keys (M1/M2/M3/MR) as a vu meter as well as the 3 stages of the keyboard backlight (off/on-dull/on-bright).
  • To be able to modify the levels at which keys light up.
Nice! I hadn't seen anything like that with the keyboard before. Hmmm - I don't think there is anything in the API that allows that kind of change to be made to the keyboard, certainly nothing I've seen, which would suggest they did that with some reverse engineering and/or unofficial API calls - neither of which I'm particularly happy about doing (they are prone to all sorts of problems). However I'll have a look and see if I can see how it might be done.

Course now I've seen that video I'll also be looking at implementing some of those visualisations/modes!

[quote author=Hakker link=msg=0 date=]It really must be me but I try to get the album art displayed in the background yet it doesn't happen[/quote]
That's odd, not sure why that wouldn't work. I am assuming it does work for other people - but I don't know for sure (does anyone have it working?) Have a look at the console (View -> Console) and see if it contains any output from the component and let me know.

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