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[how do I] send to a predefined playlist

the Utils component has a "Send to playlist..." function.  This is sort of what I need except

1) I don't want it to prompt for a playlist name.  I want it to send to a predefined playlist, like, "Temp".  Or maybe have another command "Send to [last Send to playlist]" so I have to just do "Send to playlist..." once when I want to have a new sendto playlist and subsequently keep reusing the same playlist without any more prompting.

2) I don't want to switch to the new playlist but stay on the current one.

Reason: say I want to browse through my library and grab a bunch of songs to put on my ipod.  Right now I have to select a few, drag and drop to a "scratch" playlist, then select a few more, etc.  When I'm done, I drag the whole "scratch" playlist to itunes.  I don't want to select all in one go because if I hit the wrong key, poof, there goes all my selection.  Also, adding to a scratch playlist gives me a chance to review my selection and make changes.  Using Utils > Send to playlist... is too cumbersome for reasons cited above.

Kind of like having an "add to cart" function in online shopping.

It's very simple but so far I haven't found a way to do it, short of writing my own plugin, which I don't know how to do.

[how do I] send to a predefined playlist

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One thing you could do is set something up with the Quick Tagger to write a 'SCRATCH' tag (or whatever) to a song (or songs) you select. Bind it to a keyboard shortcut or a button or something. Then once you're ready, you can use the Library Search to generate a playlist of everything that has that tag. You'll need to clear the tag afterwards, which could get messy, but it'd work. (You could also generate an autoplaylist based off this tag, but I don't know if autoplaylists can be dragged to iTunes or not.)

Alternatively, have you looked at foo_dop, which adds a fair bit of iPod support directly to foobar2000?

[how do I] send to a predefined playlist

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There is no need to write an own plugin. You can use foo_utils for this. It adds a bunch of new context menu entries: "Add to playlist", "Insert into playlist" and "Send to playlist". All of them have a submenu with the names of all your playlists.

You can assign a keyboard shortcut e.g. to "Add to playlist: Temp" and it does exactly what you want without switching to the playlist Temp.

[how do I] send to a predefined playlist

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Yes!!!  I was scratching my head b/c I couldn't find any such command under prefs > keyboard shortcut or prefs > context menu.  Then I decided to download foo_utils to make sure I have the latest one.  I was surprised that winrar did not ask to overwrite the existing file.  Turned out I did NOT have foo_utils installed.  DUH!  I thought I did b/c I had a Utils context submenu, but that's apparently built in and not part of foo_utils.

I'm a happy camper now.  Thank you so much

[how do I] send to a predefined playlist

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the Utils component menu has a "Send to playlist..." function.  This is sort of what I need except

See, when I read this I thought you already know about foo_utils.

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