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USB Turntable Samples, Reviews and Photos at Knowzy

Over the last few months in the new HA Vinyl forum, we've been listening to and discussing samples from three different USB turntables. A FLAC library of five music samples and two test LP albums is available over several threads (index).

Now on Knowzy, there's a new page to showcase the samples, complete with reviews and photos of the turntables. The experience also inspired some major updates to the USB Turntable Guide, particularly the ceramic cartridge section.

USB Turntable Samples Page
  • Sample Clips:
    • 192Kbps VBR MP3s of all music files. FLACs and test LP recordings in the HA vinyl forum.
    • M3U files play samples in order. Two way playlists:
      • Same sample, all turntables
      • Same turntable, all samples
  • 3 Page Turntable Reviews on each of the three turntables
  • 5 Hi-res Photos per turntable, including inside the case of the Crosley CR249
  • Allusion to upcoming technical analysis from Axon, including a LabView wow and flutter analysis module

Turntable Guide Updates

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