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[TOS8] From "Audiophile digital music setup"

Im not going to comment on previous posts, because many of them have been very low quality trolling attempts.

An audiophile setup could consist of a computer, usb-dac and a poweramp.

In an audiophile perspective what matters is bit-perfect no noise setup. Both in terms of aucustic and signal noise.
A fan would introduce noise both aucoustically, and if measures arent taken also some ground noise aswell since it is a DC electromotor. If the setup has either fans or other mechanical parts like platter hardrives, ie. not solid state its not an audiophile setup. And why would you introduce that in the first place when it's so easily avoided?

Using a computer is a good idea to ensure you can update anything you like down the road.
Also, you can test different operating systems and interfaces.
Pretty much so long as you dont choose to use windows in conjunction with kmixer it really doesnt matter if the dac is outside the machine.
A solution exists, but i dont see why you would use something like Windows for a simple task like this. Asio

Operatingsytems with good sound servers dont have the problem of not beeing able to output bit-perfect sound.

Native Audio K1

This may not be _the best_ usb dac in the world, but its the only i can find that does 192kHz/24bit-balanced out. Also, it works on Linux, OSX and Windows.

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