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"Sizzling sound" of mp3's is preferred

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So what does lossless mean?

I presume lossless transfer could be defined as no matter how many times you transfer something repeatedly (you transfer something, then what you got by that transferring you transfer back, then you transfer that back etc. etc.) it will not degrade noticeably relative to what you started with in the first place. Note though that the "noticeably" in this example doesn't ruin it because if something causes loss of data which piles up on transfer, after enough transfers degradation will become noticeable.

An example of a transfer which would fit this definition of losslessness but for which would be arguable if it's lossless in the "standard" sense is a transfer the output of which would for all initial inputs, as the number of transfers approaches infinity, have a limit which is indistinguishable from the initial input for a human, but not perfectly identical to it. This means that no matter how many transfers you made the transferred material wouldn't slowly degrade to rubbish but would stabilise around something which is indistinguishable from the original input but not perfectly identical to it.

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