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FLAC to WMA Lossless converter tool

I thought i'd share this tool that i made, and also provide a quick tutorial. So, with the proper components installed on the system, this bat file:

1. Takes a directory that contains FLAC files as input
2. Decodes them to WAV
3. Checks the WAV if it is truly lossless (auCDtect) and writes the result to log file
4. Converts the WAV to WMA Lossless
5. Deletes the WAV's and moves WMA's to user's Music\!Converted folder

Needed components:
1. WMEncoder
for x86:;displaylang=en
for x64:;displaylang=en

2. FLAC command line tools

3. auCDtect: CD Authenticity Detector

4. my converter:
(I'm sorry for the 7z format, but regular zip gets corrupted on upload somehow?)

0. Download and install the required components

1. Create folder:
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\Flac2WMAL

2. Copy the following files to the above folder:
Code: [Select]

3. Extract the converter (the attached zip) to the above folder

4. Double-click the contextmenu.reg file. This adds a menu item to all folders' right click menu that says "Convert to WMA Lossless" and executes the batch file.

- This package was tested on Windows Vista x64 only. Should work on Vista x86 too (don't see a reason why not), but on Windows XP you may have to edit the output path in the bat file (substitute "Music" with "My Music")
- Feel free to edit the bat and reg to your likes
- Feel free to distribute this pack, be it modified or ontouched
- Please report bugs
- The file tags (meta data) are not preserved during the process

FLAC to WMA Lossless converter tool

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You don't state whether this process preserves tags.
lossyWAV -q X -a 4 -s h -A --feedback 2 --limit 15848| FLAC -5 -e -p -b 512 -P=4096 -S-

FLAC to WMA Lossless converter tool

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You don't state whether this process preserves tags.

unfortunately it doesn't. for me it wasn't an issue, because i used WMP to auto-tag and auto-rename all files.

Re: FLAC to WMA Lossless converter tool

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Just wanted to say "thanks" for this utility! It's been years since it was originally posted here, but I found a need for it in 2018. Kudos and thanks to the creator!!!

Notes for anyone that wants to use this now:

- under Win7 (and I suspect any win OS after Vista, you need to disable DEP in order for the WAV > WMA conversion to work. You can find instructions here: Otherwise, the WAV > WMA conversion step will just generate script exceptions.

- Microsoft no longer hosts Windows Media Encoder, but you can find it here:

- I also had a problem registering the "conver flac to wma" action with the .reg file. Instead, I jst made some modifications to the .bat file and ran it from a cmd prompt.

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