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.APE splitting in realtime


I'm looking for a way to extract particular tracks of one-APE-encoded album into separate streams, one at a time, for streaming purposes. What I need is some commandline tool which supports flac's "--skip --until" argument equivalent and stdout output.  This way I could pipe the data to lame and then stream it as MP3 to the client. I've managed to hunt down some custom mac.exe from rarewaves with stdout support but it doesn't support decoding of ranges. I know I could transcode APE to some other format and then split it but I'd rather do it in realtime (or almost realtime), without any intermediate files. I'm finishing writing my PHP-based audio streamer/transcoder and the lack of partial APE decoding support seems to be the only showstopper for implementing full on-the-fly-CUE-parsing-M3U-converting-MP3-transcoding ™ feature ;-) It has to be possible as there are many players with APE/CUE support out there, which obviously know how to extract some arbitrary fragment of APE file, but I wonder if anyone has already created some commandline tool with the same functionality. I wouldn't like to end up with "Please wait while your APE is being converted back and forth with lotta disk trashing"-type solution...


.APE splitting in realtime

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If I understand correctly you could do this with ACDIR - or presumably its successor CueProc.

ACDIR can natively decode APE files.  You pass it the cue sheet path, and use the --track switch to specify a specific track to process.  You can then pipe this to LAME.

The trouble is, I think ACDIR is Windows only.

shntool may be another - cross-platform - option.

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