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Topic: With multichannel flac (from DVD-A) I get no center channel in foobar. (Read 895 times) previous topic - next topic
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With multichannel flac (from DVD-A) I get no center channel in foobar.

Recently I have started to extract HD-A tracks from DVD-A and convert them to FLAC with DVD-Audio Explorer,  so that I can play them in foobar. All went fine until a disc rip I tried today.
The flac has definitely 6 channels, but when I play it in foobar, I only get a high pitched whistle sound and no music from the center channel. The peakmeter spectrum visualization also does not show output in the C channel. At first I thought I did something wrong with the extraxting and/or reencoding. But when I asked in another thread about it, I got the suggestion that something could be wrong with the flac configuration in foobar. Although I am too noobish to understand what/why, I get the impression that this is the case, because when I play the same file in MPC with Flac enabled in ffdshow audio decoder, it plays fine with sound from all 6 channels. Funny/strange thing however is that when I use madflac in MPC I get the same problem as in foobar.
Another 6channel flac file I made earlier, plays fine b.t.w.
Any idea what could be wrong and what I can do to solve it ?
Thanks in advance.

Update: I was not completely correct above. To play the file with all 6 channels, including the center,  in MPC I have to enable/register madflac. Unregistering madflac and using ffdshow, MPC doesn't play the file at all.

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