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Re: foo_upnp

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Hi, UPnP beginner here asking for some help :)
Goal : stream my foobar library over the internet to my Android phone
Current steps :
  • Installed foo_upnp and restarted foobar
  • Activated "Allow internet access" on foobar prefs > UPnP, with all relevant info
  • Configured port forwarding on my LAN router for the TCP port used by foo_upnp
  • Installed BubbleUPnP on my Android phone
What must I do on BubbleUPnP (or any other equivalent app) for this to work ?
On BubbleUPnP prefs > Cloud, I see a number of services (Qobuz, TIDAL, etc.), but nothing that'd allow me to connect to my foo_upnp server.
Thank you.

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