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Re: foo_upnp

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Hi, UPnP beginner here asking for some help :)
Goal : stream my foobar library over the internet to my Android phone
Current steps :
  • Installed foo_upnp and restarted foobar
  • Activated "Allow internet access" on foobar prefs > UPnP, with all relevant info
  • Configured port forwarding on my LAN router for the TCP port used by foo_upnp
  • Installed BubbleUPnP on my Android phone
What must I do on BubbleUPnP (or any other equivalent app) for this to work ?
On BubbleUPnP prefs > Cloud, I see a number of services (Qobuz, TIDAL, etc.), but nothing that'd allow me to connect to my foo_upnp server.
Thank you.

Re: foo_upnp

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Tracks with multiple artists in the Media Library Tree?

In the Media Library Tree, I'd like to split up the %artist% or %album artist% tag if it contains multiple values. In foo_upnp_ml_tree.xml, I'm using the following code to try and achieve this:

Code: [Select]
	<SubTree label="Artists" query="muco PRESENT">
<spec type="object.container.genre.musicGenre">%&lt;genre&gt;%</spec>
<spec type="object.container.person.musicArtist">%&lt;album artist&gt;%</spec>
<spec type="object.container.album.musicAlbum">%album%</spec>

%muco% is a custom tag that I use.
%&lt;genre&gt;% works fine for splitting up the %genre% tag, but at the moment I'm only using single word genre names.
%&lt;album artist&gt;% is giving me problems. It works, but it sees not only semicolons but also regular commas as a delimiter. So if I have an album with Davis, Miles; Coltrane, John as artist value, it gets split up like this:


Does somebody know how I can make the tree treat only the semicolon as a delimiter?

Re: foo_upnp

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Good afternoon,
  I'm working on a tvOS uPnP client since there doesn't seem to be a client that does:

tvOS support
proper gapless playback
multichannel support

So far, I've gotten the bulk of the work done, but there are two issues I can't seem to find documentation about:

Splitting multiple instances of the same album (and splitting SACD tracks from the same ISO)
I have two copies of Genesis - Abacab (as well as multiples of other albums). One is from my old CD, and the other is an SACD rip. The SACD rip has both 6-ch and 2-ch versions from the same ISO. So what I get from FB2K is the following in the <item> tag:

[Track 1, 2ch, old CD]
[Track 2, 2ch, old CD]
[Track 3, 2ch, old CD]
[Track 1, 6ch, SACD]
[Track 1, 2ch, SACD]
[Track 2, 6ch, SACD]
[Track 2, 2ch, SACD]

There are two problems here - FB2k doesn't identify the difference between the two versions of the physical discs in any way. The two discs are obviously different files, so why can't FB2k give some kind of unique ID to the albums in a tag? I can use the ID from the URL, but a proper tag would be cleaner, and is there a guarantee that the ID would actually be unique?;convert=wav&amp;subsong=9

Also, I can't find a preference in the app or plugin setting to split the SACD tracks by channel number. I can do that in code (and already have), but I would think this could be done by the server.

In the end, I could force a split using a title change like "Abacab (CD)" and "Abacab (SACD)".

Why are there three <res> tags for each track?
This is another thing I can't find docs for.

This is what I get for Track 1 of the SACD of "Abacab"

                        <res duration="0:06:57.000" size="1238387756" bitrate="33868800" bitsPerSample="16"
                            sampleFrequency="2822400" nrAudioChannels="6" protocolInfo="http-get:*:audio/wav:*">
                        <res duration="0:06:57.000" size="73558844" bitrate="176400" bitsPerSample="16"
                            sampleFrequency="44100" nrAudioChannels="2" protocolInfo="http-get:*:audio/wav:*">
                        <res duration="0:06:57.000" size="73558800" bitrate="176400" bitsPerSample="16"
                            sampleFrequency="44100" nrAudioChannels="2"

Is there some reason there needs to be three versions of this track? I get that the second one is more of a 44k downsample, but I don't understand the reason for the third one. Both the FB2K iPhone app and VLC seem to ignore the second and third <res> tags.

Re: foo_upnp

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Does anyone know how to add album art (CD Cover) in the file Folders view?

<SubTree label="Folders" type="filesystem" />

Re: foo_upnp

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I the foo_upnp_ml_tree.xml file there is the Sub Tree "Years". Does anyone how to make it display in descending order? I'm using the Bubble android app and would like the latest music (2020) at the top instead of scrolling down 50 years or so to reach the latest music.

<SubTree label="Years">
<spec type="object.container.album.musicAlbum">[%album artist% - ]%album%</spec>

Re: foo_upnp

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is there a way to view the upnp server status (started/stopped) in the status bar or elsewhere in the fb2k GUI? Thanks!

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