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Topic: foo_cdartdisplay.dll for foobar 0.8.3 (Read 3106 times) previous topic - next topic
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foo_cdartdisplay.dll for foobar 0.8.3

I recently installed CD Art Display and noticed that once again my old version of foobar is giving me trouble.
The dll that came with cda seems to be to new for my foobar 0.8.3

Does anybody know which version of cda includes the right dll version or maybe somebody could send me the foo_cdartdisplay.dll for foobar 0.8.3?


EDIT: I found the older versions on the cda website, will try them as soon as Im on my customized pc

foo_cdartdisplay.dll for foobar 0.8.3

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Well this sucks, thanks anyway

EDIT: I read somewhere that foo_winamp_spam ver0.74 will do the job. However I wouldnt know why or how. Ill try it as soon as Im back home though


foo_cdartdisplay.dll for foobar 0.8.3

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Yes, its working.

Now if I could only make cad start with foobar and not the other way round...

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