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Unknow skin | foo_skip | rating buttons

This forum is just too big for me. I give it up to find the correct subforum and thread to post my questions.  
So I post it here.

1) I found a skinned foobar which looks nice but I didn't find a download location for his .cfg
Its hard to search for a skin without a name  Maybe someone knows this pic and could tell me where to find it.

2) Im using foo_skip with ratings and so on.
The old line for skipping under options was: $if(%rating%,$ifgreater(2,%rating%,skip,))
My new line should look like this: if rating = 1 AND activeplaylist IS NOT "myspecialplaylistname"
But I'm unable to find the correct syntax.

3) About these nice rating buttons here:
How do I implement them?

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