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Imaging & Ringing with upsampled material

As discussed in this post in the thread "from 44.1 to 96, which is the best resampler?" I offer three 30 seconds samples. These files will deal with effects of imaging & ringing when CD material is upsampled to 96 kHz or more. The resampler from iZotope RX Advanced offers the possibility to adjust its features for upsampling or downsampling. One is able to use a "Standard" resampling configuration 90% of resamplers are offering (like SSRC), or options like emulating filter designs from Pioneer or Wadia players ("Legato Link").

Source used for creating the sound snippets: a track from Reference Recordings, purchased at in 24/96. For the following samples I extracted a 30 second portion with Sound Forge. This snippet was downsampled with iZotope SRC to 16/44.1 with the standard configuration resamplers like SSRC offer and dithered.

Sample 1: The original snipped cutted with Sound Forge in its original 24/96 state.

Upsampling was done different:

Sample 2: upsampled with the "standard" or "ideal" configuration (steep filtering, no aliasing or imaging)
Sample 3: upsampled with softer filtering, a cutoff beginning at 22.050 Hz. Result are imaging frequencies up to 30.000 Hz.

I came up with this configuration in a double-blind-test with foobar. I tried several results (also with material downsampled by other resamplers) until I couldn´t distinguish the upsampled material from the original source file.

I offer you these three files to listen for yourself. I would recommend a double-blind-test. But beware: the effects are subtle (but observable).

Download (Sendspace): Imaging & Ringing Effects.rar

Imaging & Ringing with upsampled material

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For the sake of convenience, I've mirrored the file here.


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