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Is it possible to do a 'Find & Replace' in Foobar2000?


I would like to know how to facilitate a traditional 'Find & Replace' in Foobar2000 (i.e. as you would with Microsoft Excel/Word).
I've tried to do this through properties, through notepad, and through masstagging. (PLEASE use basic non-technical terminology where practical.)

Let's say you have the following 3-separate track titles:

Piano Sonata; Movement No.1
Piano Sonata; Movement No.2
Piano Sonata; Movement No.3

Now, say if you decided you wanted change the above song-tracks to read:

Sonata for Piano; Movement No.1
Sonata for Piano; Movement No.2
Sonata for Piano; Movement No.3

[Of course, in Microsoft Excel/Word, you would simply scroll down the Edit context menu and select 'Replace' (or hit Cntr+H)... you would have the program replace "Piano Sonata" with "Sonata for Piano"].

How would you render this operation in Foobar2000, with or without an additional 3rd-party program.

Again, if possible, please either simplify your response in terms of terminology, or write two versions: a concise, dumbed-down version and the second being your full response.

I really think that Foobar, iTunes, et al have to include this necessary function or make its availability more apparent, if already present.


Is it possible to do a 'Find & Replace' in Foobar2000?

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You would highlight the following songs, and right click on them, then go to properties, then right click the Track Title, then Format from Other Fields, then paste this should work
Code: [Select]
$replace(%title%,Piano Sonata,Sonata for Piano)

edit: spelling correction, wrong words

Is it possible to do a 'Find & Replace' in Foobar2000?

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That seems like it will work; i'll try it! Thanks!


Is it possible to do a 'Find & Replace' in Foobar2000?

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It did work!!!!  Thanks so much - seriously!  I spent HOURS AND HOURS trying everything.  The closest I came was when I read that forumula when looking through the Foobarwiki codes list and took a secondly look but not more.

But, again, I greatly appreciate the information and time taken to answer the post.


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