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linux user's forum?

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This would be a great place to have a dedicated linux section. Many people are searching for help right now on the general linux forums so this could pull focus to this great board.

Sure, that is a strong argument!
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linux user's forum?

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Just ask your questions here in General Audio or something. There's really no sense adding another sub-forum that's rarely used.

If you want to show how much traffic there would be, start each Linux-related topic with [Linux]. If you Linux-users show that there is enough content to populate a forum with, I'll personally clean up the titles and move it all over there.

It appears that there is just not enough of a userbase, however.

linux user's forum?

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this is what happened last time...

there just wasn't that much traffic in the subforum and it was removed. however, imho it was extremely useful... which begs the question > why make a subforum? for quantity or quality control?

if the subforum was even "non-windows" i think it would prove the most useful.



linux user's forum?

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There just wasn't that much traffic in the subforum and it was removed

You want to know what the sad thing is? I never even saw it. That's how quickly it was removed. 
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