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Converting MAC to mp3

Pretty much just looking for a tool that will straight up convert .ape files to mp3's.  I think shortentool can do this, but i'm kinda looking for something with a decent GUI.

Maybe monkey's frontend can do this, I just don't know how.  If it can, feel free to tell me
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Converting MAC to mp3

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I think Monkey's Audio GUI can do this, but you could also do it with my own frontend, Frontah.

Although it's still in beta, but it seems to work very well. Remember to use Frank Klemm's mac.exe to make encoding via stdin/stdout work (without intermediate .wav-file)

Converting MAC to mp3

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From the link, it appears that Frank Klemm's build of MAC.EXE is version 3.96.  If you want to use 3.97, there is a build with std in/out by Jason Jordon.  You can get that version and a good GUI for the conversion here:

B)  Speek's Multi frontend:

Scroll down to the section called 'Binaries' to get the MAC.EXE.

I've been using Speek's Multi frontend for a couple of months now and use it for MP3Gain, WaveGain, Monkey's Audio, LAME encoding, Ogg encoding, Tag tagging... It works great!  And it's free!

Converting MAC to mp3

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You could also try Spoon's dBpowerAMP.

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