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Flac embedded cuesheets

Hey There.

Does anyone know if the embedded Cue-sheet in Flac files are/will be  supported in Foobar?

If they are supported, how can I load the Flac and get individual tracks?

Thanks 4 Ur input.
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Flac embedded cuesheets

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I answered you on IRC already, but just in case you missed it. It is not currently supported as I've been testing for this functionality since early .5 betas. It will support external CUE files, but then the replaygain information is ignored. I also noticed there isn't support for Monkey Audio's APL files.

I guess Peter has focused on the lossy formats more than the lossless. I'm sure he'll eventually get around to adding these features. He did post on the lossless forum asking some FLAC questions. I think that's a positive sign.

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