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Removing File Numbers

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I do know that this is not going to seem helpful, but I really think it is in your best interest - so be it.

PLEASE, read up on the basics for tagging files. You have a real chance here to develop a nice set up music collection or a real mess. Currently it is a mess.
To address your current issue, you are carrying the problem numbers IN your artist tag. Do you see this?

You have been telling foobar to build you a file name by adding artist tag to track title, Do you see that foobar is doing exactly what you ask and doing it perfectly. Your troublesome number is the number YOU typed into your artist tag.

The following will get you what you want. YMMV and YMMV unless you take the time to understand.

Your band/orch tag has the artist name without the number. Follow the same steps as you have many times before, BUT do NOT use one of the preset equations.

Select track, right click >file operations>rename. In the file name pattern box: %band/orchest% - %title%

Your tag system will still be a mess, but your file name will be what you want.

good luck


please note to spell band/orchest correctly. I don't use the field and do not know just how it is abbreviated if at all.

Removing File Numbers

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Ok: as you can see both your ARTIST tag and your file name contain the file number.

I think you have the following options:

1) correct your file names with some Windows utility (as somebody already suggested) and then change your ARTIST tags using foobar2000 masstagger (Guess value from file name);

2) correct your ARTIST tags using foobar2000 masstagger (I'm no expert, but I'm sure someone can suggest a script that can do that) and then (optionally) rename your files using foobar2000 File operations.

Corrections are welcome, of course.



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