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FLAC quide

I've been using Monkey's to archive albums, but recently i've been thinking about switching to FLAC, mostly because of it's streamability.  I assume that this makes the format more robust and less likely to become corrupt.  I can't really find firm quide on FLAC, like what frontend, use with EAC, etc.

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FLAC quide

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i can use a guide with cuesheet and gain too   


FLAC quide

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Here's Mike Wren's installer and short tutorial on Flac Front End.  Mac users, see Mac Flac.

Using flac and EAC - HA thread - with some discussion of replay gain

Here's a HA thread on cuesheets but not a lot there

And then of course

In particular, this documentation page (shows all the options, including cuesheets and replay gain), and see the note at the bottom about adding flac to the Monkey's interface.

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