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64-bit flac for vista media center

I've browsed this forum a bit, in search for an awnser to the big 64-bit flac question, but haven't found any good awnsers yet.

In every discussion I've seen, the awnsers have been like:
"There is no use for a 64-bit compile because the 32-bit works just fine".
and ... "There is nothing to gain on a 64-bit compile".

But this is VERY wrong. And mainly because of one thing:

Windows Vista Media Center 64bit.

For the first time, microsoft have done thing the proper way when making something new. Windows Mediacenter for vista 64bit is 100% native 64bit, AND (unfortunatly?) written in 99% C ... so it's kind of a racist. It doesn't want to play with 32bit codecs.

Therefore, at the moment, it seems like there is no way to play flac files in windows media center 64bit.

I've downloaded ffdshow 64bit, which should support flac in theory (I think...), but I haven't got it to work.

Why isn't anyone compiling a 64-bit flac verison? Is anyone in here capable to do it?

64-bit is the future. Especially with Vista... 2GB ram is nothing these days, and memory is cheap. So i guess that if the worlds population is going to utilize more than 3,5GB RAM at most, sooner or later, 64-bit vista will get very popular, very soon (well... it allready is).

64-bit flac for vista media center

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Actually my understanding is that Media Center is mostly .NET bytecode. As such, you can have it run as a 32-bit or 64-bit process. It will default to 64-bit, but there is a way to cause it to run in 32-bit mode.

check this post out:

64-bit flac for vista media center

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That isn't the way I understand the article (have red it before).
Flac DOES work with 64bit FFDSHOW!  I've tested it now, and all I had to do was to do was to enable it in the audio codecs section of the FFDSHOW and re-read my music harddrive in media center.

It doesn't read the metadata very well, so you have to search up every song if you don't have an M3U list of the album.

64-bit flac for vista media center

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I've gotten libFLAC to compile for x64.  Never touched the directshow codecs, though.

64-bit flac for vista media center

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Playback of the format itself isn't really an issue anymore.
Anyone know how to make mediacenter understand the metadata?

64-bit flac for vista media center

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WMP Tag Support Extender fixed it!

Works like a charm.
Install the plugin, open mediacenter (witch will be slow, because the plugin is set to refresh all tags on load... turn this off under the properties for the plugin). Press refresh now if the plugin hasn't reloaded the tags allready, start up mediacenter, and voilĂ !

Now you can serch between flac files like you do with mp3.

64-bit flac for vista media center

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WMP Tag Support Extender fixed it!

  How well does it work for you?  On my mce2005 system, mce can't see song length, year, (genre iirc), and I can't seek in FLAC files.

I'm using madFlac now, haven't tried ffdshow, and it has been a very long time since I used illuminable's filter (it has been abandoned, right?)

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