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composer tag in cue sheets?

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Actually the cue sheet he posted above is correct but it's made by EAC's non-compliant cue sheet mode which foobar2000 does not support.

For more about EAC and cue sheets read this article on Hydrogenaudio Wiki.

P.S. Just for your information non-compliant cue sheet is probably the best choice when doing a backup of your CDs because it allows for a proper gap handling.

composer tag in cue sheets?

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It doesn't seem very uniform:

FILE "01 ...

FILE "02 ...

I thought software was supposed to be orderly not chaotic.
I see it's a CUE sheet for individual tracks, I hadn't realised initially, but:
a) I don't really see the point, aren't the gaps part of the rip? I have individual TAK files which are gapless when the CD is gapless and there's a gap when there's a gap on the CD.
b) It still looks wrong to me. Does that CUE sheet really make sense?



Oh, I see. I assume it's one of these:
Multiple Files With Gaps (Noncompliant) - A.K.A "Append Gaps to (end of) Previous Track (default)"

In which case I'm completely out of my depth. Sorry for any misinformation/confusion I may have caused.
Presumably, these simply won't work with fb2k.
In which case, if these are from a single CD isn't dicck better off using to create a new CUE sheet?
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composer tag in cue sheets?

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If he has one music file and uses cue sheet simply to browse between individual tracks then he should use the cue sheet which you provided (that's the first one in the article which I linked above).

In case he has multiple files then there really isn't any sense in using a cue sheet unless he wants to be able to correctly reproduce a copy of his audio CD. In that case he should use the EAC's non-compliant cue sheet which will preserve the gaps and enable them to be displayed exactly as on his original audio CD (the gaps will be displayed as negative time).

This is a good article to read to really understand what I'm saying.

composer tag in cue sheets?

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Thanks Chaotic.
I'm sure dicck will be interested.
I rarely use CUE sheets; when I do I use embedded CUEs with the first of the two methods you outlined.
Thanks for the info.

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composer tag in cue sheets?

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Aha! Thanks Chaotic and carpman for clear up things. Indeed I follow the method to save exact information of the CD. And I didn't know, until now, the consequences for Foobar.

So the naming flac WAVE of wav WAVE isn't the point.

I'll have a look at the articles you linked.

BTW Chapman, may I ask you to clarify the 'composer' issue?

composer tag in cue sheets?

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There doesn't need to be a "composer issue" when you've got multiple flac files.
I wouldn't use CUE sheets for this.
<EDIT> The basic problem is that fb2k won't parse REM Composer from the CUE sheet, so the solution is to embed the CUE sheet data and then append additional data to the file(s) in fb2k. </EDIT>

However, when it comes to multiple flac files and single CUE sheets I don't know of a solution because there's no sense in embedding a CUE sheet for multiple files into each component flac file of that CUE sheet.
That just doesn't make sense. Instead I would simply rename and re-tag the files and ditch the CUE sheets.

However if you've got one flac file for multiple tracks (which for me is the point of CUE sheets) then there is a "composer issue" (as stated above) and a solution.

The solution is to:

a) Have a working, compatible CUE sheet
b) In fb2k -- right click on the flac file > tagging > remove tags from file
c) right click on the flac file again > utils > edit cue sheet > enable embedded CUE sheet on this file [tick box] > load ... (browse for CUE sheet and select) ---- this will load the CUE sheet data and embed it.

[Close fb2k and re-open it and then open the flac file afresh]

d) Once that is done fb2k will show a single flac as multiple files (according to the CUE sheet). Then highlight the multiple files in fb2k > right click > properties > enter the %composer% and other additional data and click ok or apply. 


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composer tag in cue sheets?

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Thanks a lot, I go at work...

... GREAT!! It works. Marvelous!!
Thanks again!

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