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Higher bitrates for MP3 conversions

I just DL'd & installed the latest version of FB2K. I've never used this prog before, & am wondering why does the MP3 bitrate only go up to 245?? I've never even heard of this bitrate before for MP3! I thought it was 128, 192, 224, 256, 320!? Anyway, so, why does it go as high as 320? I have to convert it to wav. & then MP3-(in a DIFF PROG!)-to save the quality, & not have a low-bitrate MP3 file. WTF?!?!?! Why isn't there a DL on your site for anMP3 320 codec, or even already built into this for MP3 320? Please explain this to me, as this makes no sense whatsoever.

Thanks in advance.


Higher bitrates for MP3 conversions

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As you might have noticed, the predefined LAME entry in the converter uses quality levels V9 (worst) to V0 (best), which are all VBR.
Using a fixed CBR bitrate like 320 tends to waste lots of bits that could have been used in a bit reservoir for intense passages.
If you really want a CBR mode, make a LAME custom preset and pass the relevant switch to it.
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Higher bitrates for MP3 conversions

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It is simple. You have little idea as to what you are doing.

Foobar provides you will a gui interface to whatever mp3 encoder/decoder you have chosen to point it to.


Higher bitrates for MP3 conversions

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You seem to be talking about CBR. Foobar by default uses the (in 99,9% of the cases) superior VBR by default. You can still use CBR (or even ABR) if you really need to. Just use a custom encoder setting, but there really is no point unless you have a very old portable mp3 player which doesn't support VBR or something.
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