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What is a well-designed EQUALIZER?

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I heard the EQ on ipod clips badly.

Yes, i am aware of the fact that iPod is THE poor victim of what-so-called 'loudness war'. But then, how come the other players' EQ do not clip as bad as the one on iPod??

Dear saratoga, the developer/Expert from, assumed that Apple did not design iPod's equalizer very well.

Then I want to know what 'the well-designed EQ' is...

Does a well-designed EQ have a Hard/Soft limiter applied for a clipping prevention? (EQs from Sony, iRiver or iAudio...) Or maybe some kind of post-processing filter applied that I don't know of? Besides pre-cut and ReplayGain implementation, what a well-designed EQ can do in order to prevent clipping? Is there anyone who can help me to understand the technology behind iPod's EQ?

BTW, it seems iPod's EQ boosts gain upto 6dB at most:

Thank you.

What is a well-designed EQUALIZER?

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Perhaps a 'well designed' one would cut the unwanted frequencies, rather than boosting the wanted ones into clipping?

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