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Converting and playing on Mac OS X

I am on Mac OS X and i downloaded an audio file that is a .wv file and i can't find any way to play it or any program that will convert it.  Can someone please help

Converting and playing on Mac OS X

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I have no experience on Mac, but according to the specs Max should be able to convert WavPack .wv files to another format.

Converting and playing on Mac OS X

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It depends on if you have embedded cue sheets and/or single CD image files. I was in the same boat, using EAC/REACT to encode wavpack files under Windows, but not being able to decode under OS X. My previous solution was to run Foobar 2000 under Parallels to decode tracks to AAC format.

Luckily, I just ran across X Lossless Decoder(xld). It's able to read my disc image files, pop up a message that there is an embedded cue sheet, and export to AAC for import into iTunes/iPod.

The only problem I'm having is that the album name is being set to the title of the last track in the cue sheet. I intend to look into the source and see where the problem occurs.

Xld works much better than play/max. Those can decode the wavpack file, but are not properly reading the APEv2 tags or cuesheet.

Hope this helps!


Converting and playing on Mac OS X

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I just downloaded both Max and XLD for OSX running on my PB 17" G4 1.5 Ghz 2 Gig RAM system.  The former is apparently threaded while converting (nice feature) and a fairly nice interface.  Yet, its too complex for simple drag and drop to convert for my tastes.  Its also much slower than XLD, by about 4-5 times slower for a full album of .wv files I converted.  Highly recommend XLD for simplicity, speed.

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