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Validated News / Submision

I see that in the Submision News section it is some new news posts that is not moved in Validated news. Is there some for me unknown reason not to move the news form Submision to Validated? Can some admin explain this?

I write this because some time ago I see that there is some new versions of Foobar2000, that is not published in Validated news. Because I read the Foobar forum only sometime, but read the HA forum on a daily basis I will be happy if the news was up-to-date, also for Foobar2000 that for me is the best player for win!

Thank you

Validated News / Submision

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Did you read the sticky at the top of the news submissions forum?

By the looks of your post it seems that you haven't satisfied some of the requirements.
Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

Validated News / Submision

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Given the amount of posts sitting around in News Submissions, it looks like the forum could use some more moderator/admin attention. I've cleaned up a bit.

Regarding your submission, please include the most noteworthy points of the changelog.


Validated News / Submision

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Ok, you're right. I have changed the post... and think that now it is ok.


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