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Unicode + freedb + Reading CDs Questions

I have a few questions regarding unicode, freedb, and reading CDs. I have recently switched over to Foobar and I think it is a wonderful program, but I am having one really big problem.

Foobar is not always reading unicode files, especially if I play a CD.

Today I ripped a Japanese CD to my computer and the characters showed up fine, but when I try and play directly from the CD the characters will show up with a bunch of weird symbols.

Also, I tried to play a Korean CD today and when I went to look for the file names in freedb it said that no information for the CD was found on the server. The information is found when I look up the CD using Windows Media Player and it displays the correct Korean characters.

Is there anyway that I can read the information directly from the CD itself?

Any help with these problems would be appreciated. Thank you!


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