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FLAC compression better than APE

FLAC (--best), in my experience ranges between 6% to 13% larger in file size than APE (extra high) for popular music. However, I was very surprised to find that FLAC  was, at a minimum equal to, and frequently outperformed APE by a considerable margin when compressing spoken word.

I think it has something to do with FLAC's ability to compress silence. For example, during spoken word with lots of conversation, FLAC will be roughly equal in file size. However, during language lessons (where there is a pause between concepts), the results are pretty stunning:

Pimsleur Spanish
Unit 1
WAV:  304,842 KB
APE: 54,669 KB
FLAC:  35,663 KB

Unit 2
WAV: 302,878 KB
APE: 50,928 KB
FLAC:  34,900 KB

and so on...

FLAC compression better than APE

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Interesting.  I've been meaning to add some audio book samples to the comparison page but just haven't had the time.


FLAC compression better than APE

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Interesting results, but FLAC isn't better in compressing silence (Monkey's Audio is by far the best in compressing pure silence, at least when I tested it on my pc). What might be the case though is that FLAC might be better in compressing noisy signals (Monkey's Audio might be more prone to get confused by the noisy signals, because of its adaptive predictor).

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