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Topic: Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY ! (Read 2769 times) previous topic - next topic
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Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY !


Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY !

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I understand your points regarding collecting obsession and the listening debate. I've suffered from the collection obsession myself!  But I often remind myself that some of the most enjoyable music listening experiences I've ever had were several decades ago, when I had only a few dozen albums, and I was listening to scratchy vinyl played on a cheap turntable through a crap stereo (or in my car listening on an 8-track tape). Yep I'm old!

Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY !

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How to get rid of some bands you feel are not for you?
I am in the process of valuing good music over crap/pop/top10. The problem is that some music you used to listen 15 years ago, you still find yourself liking it. For example, as a synth-lover I always liked Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, yes you guessed: gaybands. (This was just because the tune was catching, it popped non-stop in the radio and 20 years back then I did not understand english at all - only some words.)

Now that I clearly understand some messages these kinda bands wants to get through to you, and not agreeing with it, but still liking some of their new tunes, I can't ignore the fact that I want to dislike them and trash all of their material. Everything that represents a self-declared gay icon, I want to trash it. You might have found yourself in the same situation, right?  I just don't buy the gay lifestyle and proposed culture so it's not for me. It's not hatred or nazism...

Not hatred maybe, but fear perhaps, greek: phobia, as in Homophobia?

It can be cured, just like any phobia.

edit : s/latin/greek

Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY !

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Need advice to get rid of music/audio IDOLATRY !

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Wow - that ^ guy has issues. Anyway, back to topic - I definitely have collection obsession, and I know that feeling of persistent dissatisfaction when you know you're missing something, or you've miscatologued something. I like to think of it more as the joy of having the perfect set, and feeling of accomplishment that goes with really appreciating something, rather than the angst of not having eough. Of course the more you have - the further you get involved, the more you realize you want...

I like to compare music collecting with collecting fine art. If you could own a perfect replica work of every great master painter to have in your home, whenever and wherever you chose, wouldn't that be invaluable?

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