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FLAC 1.10 --delete-input-file bug

Using multi frontend, if I encode from WAV to FLAC, the input file is deleted properly.

But if I transcode from APE to FLAC, the input file remains.

FLAC 1.10 --delete-input-file bug

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This is line 5 of go.bat generated by Multi frontend when transcoding:

"mac.exe" "d:\song.ape" - -d | "flac.exe" --best --verify --delete-input-file -o "d:\song.flac" -

This is line 5 of go.bat generated by Multi frontend when converting from WAV:

"flac.exe" --best --verify --delete-input-file "d:\song.wav"

FLAC 1.10 --delete-input-file bug

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it's not a bug in FLAC (in multi frontend, may be?) - flac gets data from stdin, so it simply can't delete the input file ("standard input" is undeletable). to delete input file you should add a separate line "del d:\song.ape".

a good thing would be a warning in flac when --delete-input-file (and any other operation on files) is specified with specified with stdin/stdout.

FLAC 1.10 --delete-input-file bug

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True except you only want to delete the source file if the transcoding threw no errors. Since Multi Front End is essentially a DOS batch file creator, how would one try/catch transcoding errors in DOS before del song.ape or otherwise throw an error message to stop the batch file?

FLAC 1.10 --delete-input-file bug

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Code: [Select]
"mac.exe" "d:\song.ape" - -d | "flac.exe" --best --verify -o "d:\song.flac" -

if errorlevel 1 goto BAD

del d:\song.ape
echo everything went ok.
goto DONE

echo error encoding file!


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